Back to the sailing mountains


4K, 2017, 110 minutes

Direction, filming and editing
Alessandro Scillitani

research and interviews
Elisa Brivio, Marco Ciriello, Paolo Rumiz, Alessandro Scillitani

Alessandro Scillitani

original music
Alessandro Scillitani
arranged and performed with
Stefano Ferrari
Marco Macchi
Tommi Prodi

Paolo Rumiz

Paolo Rumiz, Marco Ciriello, Elisa Brivio, Marco Revelli, Brunori SAS, Franco Arminio, Raffaele Nigro


The film retraces the journey made by writer and journalist Paolo Rumiz in 2006, on board a Topolino, along the Apennines.
A journey through the backbone of Italy, from Liguria to Aspromonte, in the company of the extraordinary network of people Rumiz met on his travels. A choral tale of resistance and positive energy.
A search for the small great lives of those who, even and above all in times of earthquakes and post-earthquakes, economic crisis and widespread unemployment, with simplicity, contact with nature and the land, ideas and the desire to imagine and build a different and better world, represent the healthy engine of our peninsula.
Film winner of the Audience Award at the Film Festival della Lessinia.



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