The Sound of Europe


written, directed and edited by
Alessandro Scillitani

texts and voice-over
Paolo Rumiz

Artistic Director and Maestro Concertatore
Igor Coretti Kuret

Production Artemide Film, 2021

running time: 54′

format: fullHD

Alessandro Scillitani Elisa Brivio David Cok Be Sound

Paolo Rumiz, Igor Kuret, Aleksandra Latinovic, Tamas Major, Davide Fanchin, Davide Zaniolo, Tommaso Bisiak


The European Spirit of Youth Orchestra is a perfect Arabian Phoenix. It dies and is reborn from its ashes every year. There is no better metaphor for what Europe should be.
He who holds the reins of this group of splendid bandits is not a director but a shaman.
Igor Coretti Kuret, native Slovene from Trieste and son of the border, seduces and hypnotises young talents, and makes the narrating voice of Paolo Rumiz feel like one of the instruments.
They often arrive at night, by land, on the same route migrants use. Anastasia is 16 and travelled for more than 50 hours on a bus from Kiev to live her great adventure. She was dropped off at three in the morning at the motorway exit; I can still see her thin shadow looking around in the night, disoriented, with a sack on her shoulders and a viola case in her hand. Christian, 18, a double bass player, travelled for thirty-six hours from Skopje, Macedonia. David and Alexandru with Karina and Stefana, respectively horn, double bass, flute and viola, all minors, left Klug, Romania and spent just as much time on buses and small local trains to get to their appointment.
As soon as they arrive, you feel a lump in your throat thinking that, in just one month, you will let these boys and girls of the European youth orchestra go.