Inside Tunisia


directed by
Alessandro Scillitani

assistant director
Maria Grazia Moratti

Silvia Bullo, Abdelmonem Khelifi, Ferdaous Belcadhi, Giuliana Fiorentino, Libor Štěpánek Dhafer Amine Nasraoui, Emna Ezzine, Farouk Turki, Sami Messaoud, Amina Mabrouk, Nada Mechi, Salma Sghir, Leila Farrah, Nabil Achour, Selim Nasr, Laila Farrah, Marwa Slimene


A journey through the historical, archaeological, landscape and human riches of Tunisia.

A slow and conscious journey, showing the beauty of encounters not only with the archaeological and landscape emergencies, but the human beings who live them, outside of prejudices and organised trips.

The documentary was co-financed by EACEA in the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme. It is part of the CUDIMHA project – Curriculum Development – An Innovative Master in History and Archaeology.