The Last Lighthouse


fullHD, 2014, 45 minutes

subject and screenplay
Paolo Rumiz, Alessandro Scillitani

direction, editing
Alessandro Scillitani

Paolo Rumiz, Irene Zambon

Alessandro Scillitani, Luciano Bosi
Evaggelous Merkouris, Tommi Prodi


“A lighthouse? How wonderful! Everyone told me’. So Paolo Rumiz, a tireless traveller, decided to embark on the first motionless journey of his life. But only apparently, because in reality the lighthouse is a sensor in the surrounding universe. From there, you perceive the world, the cries of swallows and seagulls, the landings of illegal immigrants, the depletion of the planet’s resources. And above all, you understand that everything that seems distant and unreachable to you is actually right inside you.


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