The Aemilian Way


subject, screenplay, direction,
filming, editing
Alessandro Scillitani

Alessandro Scillitani
Tommi Prodi (arrangement and performance)
Graziano Romani (song ‘Via Emilia’)

Paolo Rumiz, Francesco Guccini
Alessandro Giust, Maurizio Benvenuti,
Graziano Romani, Paolo Simonazzi,
Nicola Cassone, Mauro Nicoli,
Giovanni Galli, Lorenza Franzoni

duration: 50 minutes


Between the Po and the via Emilia, there is the land that has inspired poets, singers, storytellers and wayfarers. Director Alessandro Scillitani, therefore, crossed the Aemilian way in search of traces of the past and the life of this ancient road. Among all the encounters, the one with Francesco Guccini stands out. He talks with Paolo Rumiz about his relationship with the myth of the Aemilian way, and reveals some behind-the-scenes details of his famous verse “Fra la via Emilia e il West”.

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