Arctic Lampedusa


conception, filming, voice-over: Giacomo De Stefano

direction and editing: Alessandro Scillitani

photography: Alessandro Iovino

music: Alessandro Scillitani

con Tinja Myllykangas, Ben Saunders, Hannah McKeand, Alessandro Iovino, Annamaria Del Grosso, Arne Liaklev, Bashyr Almoghrabi


“I grew up in the Alps, snow has accompanied my life and always fascinated me. Snow is not white, snow has no colour and in itself absorbs them all. That is why we seem to see it as white.

Snow is poetry, it is dance, it is life, it is hard water. I like to see it clean. But I have seen snow get dirty, just like the seas and rivers on which I have sailed for so many years. I always wondered how I could change things for the better, I wondered how people lived in the far north, in those areas where snow remains on the land for much of the year. I started thinking about a journey to understand if those people live respecting their land. A journey made in a sustainable way, with few means. Never would I have imagined encountering along the way the story of other men and women different from those I was looking for. Men and women who fled from nowhere for their survival.”

Giacomo De Stefano sets off on a long journey to Nordkapp, through the last great wilderness of Europe. He has a pair of wooden skis, a self-made sledge and a tent. He wants to discover the Scandinavian people’s relationship with that white gold that the great croupiers of the Alps now only use to make money. After three years of immense, absolute spaces, accidents, loneliness and storms, one day he meets a young Italian photographer. He discovers that others have travelled to the great North. An Arctic route of despair. In Kirkenes, 400 km north of the polar circle, the border between Norway and Russia, there is an ‘Arctic Lampedusa’.

The journey changes.