The Hidden River


Alessandro Scillitani,
Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia

direction, filming, editing
Alessandro Scillitani

Alessandro Scillitani

original music:
Alessandro Scillitani
arranged and performed with
Stefano Ferrari, Marco Macchi,
Tommi Prodi

the song ‘Morosa’ (A. Lacosegliaz)
is performed by Alfredo Lacosegliaz Patchwork Ensemble

with Paolo Rumiz, Valentina Scaglia, Fabio Fiori, Paolo Lodigiani, Angelo Bosio, Flavio Mainardi,Gianni Coen Sacerdotti, Pierluigi Bellavite, Irene Zambon, Francesco Guccini, Valerio Varesi

produced by
Tico Film/Artemide Film

running time: 80 minutes


A journey across the Great River made by Paolo Rumiz, together with explorer Valentina Scaglia from Milan, and in the company of canoeists, boatmen, writers and fishermen. A journey made up of encounters, food, adventures, but also a rediscovery of a wild waterway, a tale from the point of view of the current that leads to the delta and its magnificent branches.

Beyond the banks are four of Italy’s most populous regions. Inside the Po river, however, between its great banks, a marvellous, secret, uncontaminated space opens up, emanating beauty despite the environmental disasters caused by man.
Presented at the 69th Venice Film Festival.




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